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Victoria and Albert Museum of London displays Antiques and Collectibles

The V&A Museum of art and design, has a collection of over 2.3 million pieces which date back almost 5,000 years. The Museum holds many of the greatest resources for the study of architecture, furniture, fashion, textiles, photography, sculpture, painting, jewelry, glass, ceramics, book arts, Asian art and design, theatre and performance. Located in London, England, they offer tours and hours of business on their website.  They have a search engine on their site that allows you to peek at the magnificent artifacts on display.   They also have an online gift shop.
Victoria and Albert Museum

Kathys Animal Figurines on Etsy

Tanzania’s Tarangire National Park - Omo the white One Year Old Giraffe Calf

The year-old calf, which lives in Tanzania’s Tarangire National Park, has a condition called leucism. Omo isn't albino; her skin cells don’t produce pigmentation, but soft tissues, such as her dark eyes, do.
Tarangire National Park is working to ensure that Omo’s rare coloration doesn’t put her in poachers’ crosshairs.
Omo is lucky to have survived her first year of life. Giraffe calves are a favorite meal for many predators, and her pale color probably makes her more conspicuous to predators.

Kathys Animal Figurines on Etsy

Japan Porcelain Blue Cocker Spaniel Retriever Dog Animal Figurine White Retriever Mix Standing

I have a Spaniel/Retriever figurine. He's in a standing position. Done in a light blue and white. Gloss finish. 

Stamped "Made in Japan" in green ink. No cracks or chips. 

Measures 4" tall x 5-1/2" long.

Kathys Animal Figurines on Etsy

Hand Painted Deer Black White Fawn with flower necklace Standing Animal Figurine Porcelain

Here is a deer figurine that's unmarked. Looks like Japan. Hand-painted accents in black and light yellow over white porcelain. There are no breaks. 

Great condition. Measures 3-3/4" tall x 3-3/4" long.

Kathys Animal Figurines on Etsy

Ceramiche d'arte Ravello ITALY Hand-painted 4 piece serving dishes Salt Pepper Holder Plate Elephants Blue Green

Ceramiche d'arte Ravello from Italy. Red pottery fired in the oven with dark blue, light green, and white enameled paint. This is a four-piece set containing a plate, salt and pepper caddy, and a salt and pepper shakers with plastic plugs on the bottom.

Stamped on the bottom "Ceramiche d'arte Ravello"

Plate measures 1-1/2" tall x 7" wide x 10" long

Caddy measures 2" tall x 6-3/4" long. Handle measures 5" tall.

Salt and Peppers measures 3-1/2" tall x 2-3/4" around.

Kathys Animal Figurines on Etsy

Andrea by Sadek 6350 Baby Cardinal Bird Figurine Animal Chick on Base

I have a small Cardinal sitting on a branch with a purple flower in front. Standard light red markings already on this adolescent.

Measures 3-1/2" tall x 3-1/4" long.

No breaks or cracks.


Kathys Animal Figurines on Etsy