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Kovels' Antiques and Collectibles - New - 2017 Pricing Guide Now Available

Available on their website, is the new 2017 Collectibles and Antiques price guide for collectors, antique dealers, and sellers.

Here is their website to order:   Kovels' Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide 2017

From the blog:

"Prices are from actual sales and reviewed for accuracy-no estimates. Kovels' features items sought by collectors in over 700 categories that sold for prices ranging from $2 to $1,066,000, most under $1,000, and not just the highest-priced antiques found in most guides.
Kovels' user-friendly price guide includes everything from advertising to pottery, along with up-to-date information about each category, logos, marks and dates. Also featured are hundreds of expert tips, comments on trends and pricing patterns, and a list of the year's record prices. All this enables collectors to buy, sell and collect with confidence.
Best of all, there's an entirely new addition to this year's book. "How to Declutter Profitably!" helps collectors, their heirs-indeed anyone who has to downsize, relocate or settle an estate-research how and where to sell collections."

A good investment for collectors who have not kept up with the current market during the recession recovery.  You might be surprised at the value of what you have in your inventory and what to look for when making purchases for yourself or to resell at your brick and mortar store or your online store. .

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