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Goebel W Germany CK43A Tabby Cat Mom and 2 Kittens Animal Figurine

This is a Goebel West Germany tabby cat Mom and her two kittens figurine.  Grey with white faces and chests. They all have green eyes.  Impressed on the bottom is CK43A.  Has the original red collar for Mom, and unbroken chains for the two kittens.  

Measures 2-3/4" tall for Mom. No cracks or chips.  Has light crazing.

Kathys Animal Figurines on Etsy

Official State Birds of the United States ~ Chickadee, Cardinal, Blue Bird, Goldfinch, Porcelain Bird Figurines

Alabama -Yellowhammer Alaska - Willow Ptarmigan Arizona - Cactus Wren Arkansas - Mockingbird California - California Valley Quail Colorado - Lark Bunting Connecticut - Robin Delaware - Blue Hen Chicken Florida - Mockingbird Georgia - Brown Thrasher Hawaii - Nene Idaho - Mountain Bluebird Illinois - Cardinal Indiana - Cardinal Iowa - Eastern Goldfinch Kansas - Western Meadowlark Kentucky - Cardinal Louisiana - Eastern Brown Pelican Maine - Chickadee Maryland -Baltimore Oriole Massachusetts - Chickadee Michigan - Robin Minnesota - Common Loon Mississippi - Mockingbird Missouri - Bluebird Montana - Western Meadowlark Nebraska - Western Meadowlark Nevada - Mountain Bluebird New Hampshire - Purple Finch New Jersey - Eastern Goldfinch New Mexico - Roadrunner New York - Bluebird North Carolina - Cardinal North Dakota - Western Meadowlark Ohio - Cardinal Oklahoma - Scissor-tailed Flycatcher Oregon - Western Meadowlark Pennsylvania - Ruffed Grouse Rhode Island - Rhode Island Red South Carolin…

Josef Originals Korea Green Frog Toadstool Ladybug Ceramic Animal Figurine Resting

It's been so warm up here in Northeast New England, the frogs are probably coming out of hibernation already and trying to fatten themselves up with bugs before the breeding season.  Soon there will be polliwogs in nearby ponds surviving the spring and growing into adulthood.

This is a Josef Originals frog made in Korea. He's made of ceramic. Measures 3" tall x 3-1/2" long. No cracks or chips. "Korea" and "Josef Originals" labels on the bottom.


Kathys Animal Figurines on Etsy