Monday, September 14, 2015

Newly Listed! Otagiri OMC Japan Hampshire Pigs Hogs Pair 2 Animal Figurine

These are a ceramic pair of blue-gray and white Hampshire pig figurines by Otagiri of Japan. Very good condition.   Measures 1-1/2" tall x 3" long. Sticker is missing. No breaks.

Newly Listed! Andrea by Sadek Japan Albino Bunny Rabbit 8747 Animal Figurine

This is a ceramic white albino rabbit figurine by Andrea by Sadek from Japan. Color is all white except his ears, eyes, and nose. Very good condition. Sticker and Ink number 8747. Measures 3-1/2" tall x 4-1/2" long. No breaks.

Newly Listed! Norcrest Japan A243 Wire Fox Terrier Dog Animal Figurine

This is a figurine of a Fox Terrier dog in a playing position. Green Norcrest label on his belly. No cracks or chips. Measures 4" tall x 6" long.


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Little Red Fox in our Neighborhood

Interesting, last week my neighbor, to my right, saw what she thought was a coyote.  Then my husband saw the "dog" running through the neighbor's yard to our left, triggering the motion sensors, and concluded that it was a fox, because of it's black markings.  A couple days later pass, and my other neighbor says "it's in my backyard".  Thus, the fox has a den somewhere close in an area probably not too far from here.  Fox breed in the summer months and have a regular litter of pups like a domestic dog, and start to move on their own towards the end of fall.

Some days later, around dusk, my husband and I heard a cat crying in pain.  I get the flash light and move towards the noise, and it's the red fox on my neighbors front yard howling in the air.  Was he signaling and vocalizing to a mate?  She/he saw me coming with the light and quickly took off running. 

She/he was gorgeous.  I've only seen one red fox that lived at a sanctuary; never in the wild.  Red foxes are solitary hunters who feed on rodents, rabbits, birds, and other small game—but their diet can be as flexible as their home habitat. Foxes will eat fruit and vegetables, fish, frogs, and even worms. If living among humans, foxes will opportunistically dine on garbage and pet food National Geographic.  Yes, I left an apple out for him and he scooped that up rather quickly when I went into the house for a minute.  His bark sounds like a small dog, but his howl is really weird like I said before "sounding like an injured cat".

Our fox is actually gray with red highlights throughout his fur.  His markings are on his ears and tail.  He's long and slender moving silently among the leaves.  He stops and looks around and then continues to forage for something to eat.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Murano Italy Elephant Green Glass suncatcher Paperweight Animal Figurine

This is a Murano Italy glass elephant figurine. He's Green in color. He's standing tall with his trunk up in the air.   No cracks or chips. There is a tiny scratch on his left shoulder and a small scratch on his left leg. Measures 6" tall x 4" wide.  No sticker!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

White Male Ram Mountain Goat Animal Figurine by George Good

This is a male ram or mountain goat figurine by George Good. Stamped on the bottom. Made in Taiwan.  Hand-painted with a matte finish. Measures 5-1/4" tall x 4-1/2" long. No breaks.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Japan Holstein Bone China 3 Piece Cow Family Animal Figurine

This is a miniature, bone china, cow family from Japan,  Includes the Dad, mom, and baby.  There is a Red and gold "bone china, Japan" foil label on the dad. 

Has a high gloss shine. Measures 1-1/2" tall x 2-1/2" long. No chips or breaks.


Kathys Animal Figurines on Etsy

Norcrest Siamese Cat A559 Big Sad Eyes Animal Figurine

This is a Norcrest Siamese kitten figurine. Such big blue, sad eyes.  Has is a gloss finish with the "A559" ink stamp is on the bottom along with the Norcrest foil sticker. Made of ceramic.

Measures 4-1/4" tall x 2-1/2" wide. No cracks or chips.