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Newly Listed! Otagiri OMC Japan Hampshire Pigs Hogs Pair 2 Animal Figurine

These are a ceramic pair of blue-gray and white Hampshire pig figurines by Otagiri of Japan. Very good condition.   Measures 1-1/2" tall x 3" long. Sticker is missing. No breaks.


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Newly Listed! Andrea by Sadek Japan Albino Bunny Rabbit 8747 Animal Figurine

This is a ceramic white albino rabbit figurine by Andrea by Sadek from Japan. Color is all white except his ears, eyes, and nose. Very good condition. Sticker and Ink number 8747. Measures 3-1/2" tall x 4-1/2" long. No breaks.

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The Little Red Fox in our Neighborhood

Interesting, last week my neighbor, to my right, saw what she thought was a coyote.  Then my husband saw the "dog" running through the neighbor's yard to our left, triggering the motion sensors, and concluded that it was a fox, because of it's black markings.  A couple days later pass, and my other neighbor says "it's in my backyard".  Thus, the fox has a den somewhere close in an area probably not too far from here.  Fox breed in the summer months and have a regular litter of pups like a domestic dog, and start to move on their own towards the end of fall.

Some days later, around dusk, my husband and I heard a cat crying in pain.  I get the flash light and move towards the noise, and it's the red fox on my neighbors front yard howling in the air.  Was he signaling and vocalizing to a mate?  She/he saw me coming with the light and quickly took off running. 

She/he was gorgeous.  I've only seen one red fox that lived at a sanctuary; never in t…

Murano Italy Elephant Green Glass suncatcher Paperweight Animal Figurine

This is a Murano Italy glass elephant figurine. He's Green in color. He's standing tall with his trunk up in the air.   No cracks or chips. There is a tiny scratch on his left shoulder and a small scratch on his left leg. Measures 6" tall x 4" wide.  No sticker!


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White Male Ram Mountain Goat Animal Figurine by George Good

This is a male ram or mountain goat figurine by George Good. Stamped on the bottom. Made in Taiwan.  Hand-painted with a matte finish. Measures 5-1/4" tall x 4-1/2" long. No breaks.

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