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With Summer Comes Those Filthy Flies

We all love summer which brings hot days, cool nights, barbequing, camp fires, and tanning by the pool.  Unfortunately, it also brings out a fresh supply of flies whether they are houseflies or greenflies.  There is a easy solution to freeing you and your guests from these pests.  The disposable fly trap by Rescue is an easy fix.

Available in retail stores, this bag has a packet that when filled with water produces the most disgusting stink that us humans can't stand, but the flies love it.  They climb down the tube thinking that they have found an afternoon meal, only to realize they can't get back out!

Since this product smells so bad, pick a central location in your yard so you don't have to be overcome by the stench.  This lures the fly to the smell, and away from your entertaining or tanning area. 

I hung mine today in a tree that is on the edge of my property line.  I hadn't noticed any flies until about 3 days ago.  It's just natures cycle of bugs that invade our privacy every summer.

This is directly from the manufacturer's website:

Inside the RESCUE!® Disposable Fly Trap is a bait that flies find irresistible. This attractant is comprised of food and feed ingredients, and other food flavorings generally recognized as safe. The attractant dissolves and activates when water is added to the bag. Lured by the scent, flies enter the trap through the yellow top cap and drown in the water.

Unique features and benefits

    ~ Powder attractant is contained within the trap itself
    ~ Attractant dissolves and activates quickly when water is added to the bag
    ~ Trap's design eliminates touching the bait or the flies
    ~ Completely disposable
    ~ Catches up to 20,000 flies (yes, we counted them all!)
    ~ Once lured inside the trap, the flies cannot escape and drown in the water added to the bag.
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