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DIY Design Ideas for about Ten Bucks ~ #6

This is about headboards.  They add a dramatic elegance to your bed. You can make one yourself. They can be attached directly to the frame  (which this one is) or they can be hung just above the mattress, or even in the middle of the wall.

This is my re-purposing of a piece of our old garage door.  I looked at the door and thought, "perfect length and perfect height".  But, It needed some sprucing up.  I removed one section of the door repainted the wood going from a dark brown paint to a bright white primer and latex paint.  The door had five recessed panels with molding and I had an idea to fill it with something.  Something soft.

So I cut five 2" thick pieces of foam, backed them with cardboard, and covered them with a sage damask fabric that matches the wall color, a great contrast.  All using hot glue.  Lastly, I hot glued them into the recessed panels.