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Geese Andrea by Sadek Turquoise and Gold Bird Figurines


This is a huge mantel sized pair of geese done in beautiful gold gilding and a turquoise base color. He measures 12-1/2" tall x 13" long and she measures 8" tall x 9" long.  Kutani Japanese Gilding.


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Lefton china Tiger Cat #150 Butterfly and Bow Animal Figurine

This is a Lefton tiger cat figurine. Has a matte finish with dry brush painting. He's adorned with a pink butterfly and bow. The "150" ink stamp is on the bottom along with the Lefton foil sticker. Measures 3-1/2" tall x 3" long. No cracks or chips.

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Napco #314 Japan Snowy Owl and Baby Owlet Bird Figurine

This is a mother owl with chick labeled on the bottom "Napcoware" and stamped 314. Has gray to white coloring and a matte finish. Measures 3-1/2" tall x 3" wide. No cracks or chips.


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Walt Disney DOC 7 Dwarfs Rubber Squeak Toy Hong Kong

This is a rubber squeak toy by Walt Disney made in Hong Kong. His head can turn. Does need cleaning but still squeaks.

Measures 5-1/2" tall. In good played-with condition.  

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Hummel has a new, sole distributor

I had to share this story I found on the distribution of Hummel Figurines.  Very interesting and inspiring for Collectors.

Famed Hummel figurines regain U.S. presence with new offices in Bordentown City
A file photo of when the eight-foot-tall M.I. Hummel "Merry Wanderer" was unveiled in front of the new home of the M.I. Hummel Club and M.I. Hummel Company on Quakerbridge Road in Hamilton in June 2010. (Martin Griff | Times of Trenton) (Martin Griff / The Times)

Print By Cristina Rojas | Times of Trenton The Times, Trenton
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on October 04, 2014 at 8:47 AM, updated October 04, 2014 at 8:48

BORDENTOWN CITY -- When the U.S. operations of M.I. Hummel Co. were liquidated, an air of uncertainty swept the collectors' world about what lay ahead for the German porcelain figurines.
Everything at the Quakerbridge Road offices in Hamilton that could be sold was sold – from pens to th…

Backyard Birds in Southeastern Massachusetts (part 2)

I'd like to add to my backyard birds garden, the Wild Turkey. He's a ground feeder, that does fly, and roosts in the trees. I'm sorry the picture is not so clear. Yes he does eat seed, will come to your feeder, he will drink the water, but no need for a house for them! Wonder what I'll see next? I have a hawk feather, and can locate their nest, but they don't sit in the open for long.

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With Summer Comes Those Filthy Flies

We all love summer which brings hot days, cool nights, barbequing, camp fires, and tanning by the pool.  Unfortunately, it also brings out a fresh supply of flies whether they are houseflies or greenflies.  There is a easy solution to freeing you and your guests from these pests.  The disposable fly trap by Rescue is an easy fix.

Available in retail stores, this bag has a packet that when filled with water produces the most disgusting stink that us humans can't stand, but the flies love it.  They climb down the tube thinking that they have found an afternoon meal, only to realize they can't get back out!

Since this product smells so bad, pick a central location in your yard so you don't have to be overcome by the stench.  This lures the fly to the smell, and away from your entertaining or tanning area. 

I hung mine today in a tree that is on the edge of my property line.  I hadn't noticed any flies until about 3 days ago.  It's just natures cycle of bugs that inv…

Erphila Importers of European Giftware

Erphila was an import company owned by Ebeling and Reuss of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The name "Erphila" is a combination of the initials "E" and "R" and the first letters of the city, Phila. The company imported high-quality pottery from many factories in Czechoslovakia, Germany, and other European countries and was in operation from approximately 1920 to 1940.”  The Erphila trademark was used on a wide range of giftware items, e.g., Porcelain Figurines, Porcelain Vases, Hotel ware, Chinaware, Tableware, Tea sets, Coffee Sets, Cup & Saucers, and Decorative Porcelain.

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Pixies Elves Fairies Collectibles Figurines plus Gilner

This is an article from

She is a collector of "elves" or "pixies".  The story is personal as well as informational.

 I know some collectors resonate towards the color, or the maker and even the sizes.

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Last Frost Dates in Massachusetts; Safe Planting

The first bloom of the season in my sun garden in Massachusetts is a tiny iris that grows in bulb form and blooms for about one week.  This iris blooms before crocus or about the same time.  My crocus have buds ready to show.  The daffodils are producing buds, but they are still only 3" tall and my tulips have leaves emerging, and then the Hyacinth and Grape Hyacinth will follow later.

If you have already planted your bulbs in the Fall and are waiting for them to erupt, check the packaging and it will give you an estimate of when they should be in bloom.

If you're planting new bulbs or want to start planting transplants from seed or annuals, please follow the USDA recommended last frost dates in your town, state, or zip code.  This information is readily available on the internet.

Here are the last frost dates for Southern Massachusetts.

Boston Last Frost: Apr. 11 - Apr. 20
Brockton Last Frost: May 1 - May 10
Cambridge Last Frost: Apr. 21 - Apr. 30
Fall River Last Frost: Ap…

DIY Design Ideas for about Ten Bucks ~ #6

This is about headboards.  They add a dramatic elegance to your bed. You can make one yourself. They can be attached directly to the frame  (which this one is) or they can be hung just above the mattress, or even in the middle of the wall.

This is my re-purposing of a piece of our old garage door.  I looked at the door and thought, "perfect length and perfect height".  But, It needed some sprucing up.  I removed one section of the door repainted the wood going from a dark brown paint to a bright white primer and latex paint.  The door had five recessed panels with molding and I had an idea to fill it with something.  Something soft.

So I cut five 2" thick pieces of foam, backed them with cardboard, and covered them with a sage damask fabric that matches the wall color, a great contrast.  All using hot glue.  Lastly, I hot glued them into the recessed panels.

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DIY Design Ideas for about Ten Bucks ~ #5

Want to dress up your old, dull furniture.  Here's an idea for a set of end tables that I did.  I painted the old golden-colored end tables with a dark brown, high gloss, water based paint.  For the top, I used tiles (from a neighbor) and made a mosaic design with a blue trim.  The whole pieces of tile were to big to finish the edges, so I broke them with a towel and hammer and set them into place with a sanded mastic.  I finished the grout with a sanded, tinted grout.  I topped it off with grout sealer to keep the grout clean.  For the lamp, I used Rustoleum metallic gold and covered the shiny, gold metal.

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DIY Design Ideas for about Ten Bucks ~ #4

Do you hate the green or black nursery pots that come with a plant you buy?  There is a simple solution.  Rustoleum makes "sand in a can" spray paint called Stone.  It comes in light, medium, and dark brown.  This one is the medium tone.  Remove your plant and secure it in a plastic bag. Prime your pot first with an all purpose primer.  Spray 2 to 3 coats of "Stone" on the outside of the pot. Allow 3 hours to dry. Now you have a ceramic-looking pot ready for display.

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DIY Design Ideas for about Ten Bucks ~ #3

How about this cool clock?  You can have one too.  This was a clock hanging around the basement and I wanted to spruce it up a bit.  Involves 3 coats of acrylic artist paint, strung teal and chartreuse plastic beads in the lip of the frame, hot glue, and two coats of clear coat.  You can paint in any color and use any embellishments.  Truly an eye catcher.

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DIY Design Ideas for about Ten Bucks ~ #2

This is a "Shelf with Towel Bar".  This is an example of items you can put together to dress up your space!
This is a great idea to keep your toiletries at hand plus the added convenience of a towel bar.  This one is positioned over the toilet between two medicine cabinets. 

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DIY Design Ideas for about Ten Bucks ~ #1

Well hello.  I've created a new series of ideas in "do-it-yourself design" by using odds and ends around the house, from yard sales, estate sales, and thrift stores. I'll be showing you some ideas that I've done in my home ~ all for about 10 bucks.

So to start our first issue, This is "Display for a Corner".  This is only one example of items you can put together to dress up your space!

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American Robin Birds Arrive Early This Year

My day started this morning on positive note.  I actually saw two Robins today, bouncing along the ground.  He stood straight at attention and looked around.  What a sight.  Let's see, what's the date again?  Ah, the polar vortex II and it's only January 29th.  (they tolerate over 37 degrees).

What do you think this means? A sign from 'Mother Nature'?             

Whether these are the juveniles that stay behind or the migratory type, it just reminds me of an early spring!  

I just hope it doesn't rain everyday.

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