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What is the maker's mark "Holland Mold"?

Have you ever come across a figurine that just doesn't look professionally painted, or looks like it was done in your son's art class?

Well, that's because it probably was.  Holland Mold is not a manufacturer of porcelain figurines.  They manufactured ceramic molds ready to paint for ceramic companies, craft stores, schools, and amateur painters.  I often wondered why I often see the same figure, painted in different colors, or a different style.  Now I know.

The Holland Mold Company was founded in 1946 by Frank Hollendonner.  Holland Mold flourished for fifty-one years.

Various ceramic designs can be found with the Holland Mold mark, some of which are high-fired professional items. But the majority of pieces are frequently found made by the work of a ceramic hobbyist/student.

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