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Miniature Animal Figurines in Various Materials

Animal Figurines and miniatures go hand in hand.  After all, these figurines are technically miniatures.  Miniature compared to the real thing.  Figurines can measure life-sized, but then they are categorized as statues.

The most popular miniatures in collector terms can be pewter figurines, bone china, porcelain, blown glass, hand-carved wood, and brass.  The easiest materials to work with would be from a mold and then baked and painted.  The hardest would be handmade such as felt or carvings. 

Since carvings would be unique in every product made, they are also the most labor intensive making sure to etch every detail and every pin dot in the design. 

Molds for porcelain and glass are a less laborious process.  The liquid is poured into a mold and either baked in the oven such as clay, or cooled at room temperature such as glass or metal.

Wade Whimsies of England and Hagen Renaker of California are probably the most popular of all time.  

Kathys Animal Figurines on Etsy