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Homemade and DIY Ideas for Bird Baths for your Garden

Here's a few of my favorite homemade birdbaths that you can make from ordinary materials around your house or from a trip to the junk yard.  Usually a tube of cement or silicone will be all the tools you need.

The fancier the design the more materials you'll need.  You can paint, wrap rope, tile mosaics, add a pump, pond plants, stones, and other creative items.  Here are a few of my favorites that are on the internet for your own creations.  It's all about designing your own, for your garden.  Use your imagination.  Remember, birds like shallow water and slip resistant.  They will not go into water deeper than 3 or 4 inches.

 Stacked Patio Block Bird Bath 

Patio blocks arranged in a pattern to create a tower and a painted terracotta saucer added to the top. The base is circled in bricks and pebbles and a couple turquoise tiles added.  Very pretty and natural.

Stacked Coffee Cups and Plates Bird Bath

Here's a more common one that can be glued together.  Starts with a bowl, then a teapot, a tall cup, a tea cup, and then the plate.

Either use vibrant solid colors, or paint it in one color.  Careful this one is highly breakable but very easy to clean.

Lamp Base Bird Bath

I think this is my favorite.  Unusable lamp bases with a shallow bowl or saucer for the basin.  Such beautiful colors, textures, and materials for the nooks and crannies in your landscape!

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