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Carved Wood and Leather Miniature Pig

Our dear friend, the domestic pig.  They say they are clean animals, yet their pens on the farm are filthy.  Maybe they would be cleaner if they lived in a cleaner pen.  Usually, a group of pigs live in a family, consisting of the mother and her piglets.  The males are solitary by nature.  Eating vegetation and grasses all day, a treat of fruit like apples makes them very happy.

They have superior smell but have poor vision.  They won't recognize you until you're practically right on top of them.  But if you talk to them before getting too close, they'll recognize your voice.  They make great pets, granted they have a large pen and lots of attention.  They are very social animals.

Here is a miniature wooden pig. The wood is striped and is very lightweight. He has leather ears and tiny tail. 

Black bead eyes and marked Japan on the bottom. He measures 1-1/2" tall x 2" long.


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