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It's Hummingbird Season

Now that summer has arrived, so have the hummingbirds.  Up from the south like Mexico, these tiny birds are feeding, breeding, and buzzing around us everywhere.

They make clay and straw hanging sacks as nests that hang from branches within thick foliage trees and shrubs.  Two to three little eggs are nurtured by the mother and the father.  Along with the nectar from flowers, they also eat bugs and flying insects.  They need the sugar in the nectar to transform into energy for their quick flight patterns.  They can fly straight, upside-down, hover, and fly up and down like a helicopter.

If you plan on hanging a hummingbird feeder, surround the area with rich red and pink flowers that attract them.  Petunia, bee balm, wiegelia bush, and tubular shaped flowers.  Mix 3/4 spring water with 1/4 sugar and don't add any red food color to the water.  It's unknown if this is necessary or harmful to their digestive systems.  Change the spring water at least once a week.

Two males might fight over the ownership of the feeder, but they eventually both sneak in for a sip when the other isn't around.  They are delightful and fun to watch.

Males have a ruby-colored throat.  The females are green with no red throats.

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