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Williamsburg Amber Glass Swan Bird Paperweight Figurine

This is a blown glass swan in an amber color with reddish swirls on his back. Can be used as a paperweight or windowsill sun catcher.  Measures 3" tall x 4" long. Adhered "Williamsburg" black and gold foil label on the bottom. No nicks or cracks.

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Roselane USA Black Scottish Terrier Sparkler Rhinestone Eyes Animal Figurine

This is a black Scottish Terrier dog by Roselane Potteries of California. Bottom is marked "Roselane USA". He's glazed with black metallic-like paint and has red rhinestone eyes. No breaks or chips. Measures 4-1/2" tall.

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Inarco Japan Norwich Norfolk Terrier Ceramic Animal Figurine

Norfolk and/or Norwich terriers originated in Britain and are one of the smallest terriers at about 11 pounds and have a double coat, which comes in red, tan, wheaten, and black and tan. These small but hardy dogs can be courageous which they were bred to hunt small prey. They are good with children, and other pets.

This is an Inarco Japan Norwich or Norfolk Terrier puppy. Bottom is stamped "E4367" and has the gold and black Inarco label. He has a semi-gloss finish with dark brown accents and pink tongue. No breaks or chips. Measures 3-1/4" tall x 3-1/2" long.

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Robert Simmons California Pottery The Yearling Deer Figurine

The Yearling Figurine 
                                                               Robert Simmons

This is the Robert Simmons rendition of "The Yearling" fawn in a standing position with his head lowered. The gold foil sticker on base reads "The Yearling". Gloss finish.  Thick brown airbrushed glaze over ivory-colored ceramic. Measures 4-3/4" tall x 4-1/2" long. No breaks.

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Vintage Pottery 2 Seahorse Pair Ocean Fish Figurine

Seahorses live in warm tropical shallow water.  They are a stationary fish, not a swimmer.  They hold tight with their tails onto a branch or grass and stand upright.  They feed on tiny brine shrimp and crustaceans.

Seahorses usually pair up for the breeding season only.  The female deposits her eggs into the male's pouch and he incubates the fry for up to six weeks.  Once the fry emerge, they are left to fend for themselves.

Seahorses do not make good aquarium pets.  There are however, seahorse farms that know how to care for them properly and distribute them to public aquariums and exotic fish stores.

This is a pair of pottery seahorses and painted light beige, tan, yellow and blue. On each base is hand-painted "Cuba" in tiny letters. No cracks or chips. Each measures 5-1/2" tall x 3" long.

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ESD Japan Light Gray Sitting Tabby Cat Animal Figurine

This is a sitting gray tabby cat.  "Tabby" refers to the stripes or patterns in it's fur rather than a "breed" of cat.  Tabby patterns include many colors such as red, orange, brown, tan, black, and gray.  One distinct mark is an "M" design on his forehead.  
The figurine is stamped on the bottom, ESD, which stands for Enterprise Sales and Distributing located in Canada.  This distribution company shipped items for Lefton China and Giftcraft from Japan.  
He's made of ceramic and is finished with a semi-gloss finish.  Painted in shades of gray and ivory colored on his belly and chin.  His face is hand-painted with touches of pink in his ears. He has blue eyes and measures 3-1/2" tall x 4" long.  There are no breaks or nicks.


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Goebel #510 Tan Yorkshire Terrier Dog Figurine


Yorkshire Terriers, known also as "Yorkies," They are terriers and are brave, and energetic. It's one of the most popular breeds according the AKC®.

Yorkies travel well and make great pets.  Their long coat requires regular brushing. Coat on the body is long and straight. The hair on the head is tied with a bow in the center.

Tan coloration: Tan hair is darker at the roots than in the middle, and lighter tan at the tips. There should be no black hair mixed with the tan.

This is the Goebel #510 figurine of a tan/brown Yorkie. Pretty green bow on her head. Goebel sticker is missing but it's impressed "510" on the back. No cracks or chips. Measures 2" tall x 2-1/2" long.

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Carved Wood and Leather Miniature Pig

Our dear friend, the domestic pig.  They say they are clean animals, yet their pens on the farm are filthy.  Maybe they would be cleaner if they lived in a cleaner pen.  Usually, a group of pigs live in a family, consisting of the mother and her piglets.  The males are solitary by nature.  Eating vegetation and grasses all day, a treat of fruit like apples makes them very happy.

They have superior smell but have poor vision.  They won't recognize you until you're practically right on top of them.  But if you talk to them before getting too close, they'll recognize your voice.  They make great pets, granted they have a large pen and lots of attention.  They are very social animals.

Here is a miniature wooden pig. The wood is striped and is very lightweight. He has leather ears and tiny tail. 

Black bead eyes and marked Japan on the bottom. He measures 1-1/2" tall x 2" long.


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Sebastian Miniatures Uncle Sam

Are you decorating for the 4th of July?  Do you have a curio cabinet or shelf to display your miniatures?

Here is a miniature figurine by Sebastian dated 1967 of Uncle Sam for your display.  He measures  4" tall. No cracks or chips. He's in perfect condition.  On the base is inscribed "Uncle Sam".


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It's Hummingbird Season

Now that summer has arrived, so have the hummingbirds.  Up from the south like Mexico, these tiny birds are feeding, breeding, and buzzing around us everywhere.

They make clay and straw hanging sacks as nests that hang from branches within thick foliage trees and shrubs.  Two to three little eggs are nurtured by the mother and the father.  Along with the nectar from flowers, they also eat bugs and flying insects.  They need the sugar in the nectar to transform into energy for their quick flight patterns.  They can fly straight, upside-down, hover, and fly up and down like a helicopter.

If you plan on hanging a hummingbird feeder, surround the area with rich red and pink flowers that attract them.  Petunia, bee balm, wiegelia bush, and tubular shaped flowers.  Mix 3/4 spring water with 1/4 sugar and don't add any red food color to the water.  It's unknown if this is necessary or harmful to their digestive systems.  Change the spring water at least once a week.

Two males might …

Lenox USA 1993 China Jewels Dolphin Animal Figurine

This is a Lenox China Jewels Dolphin made in USA.  Ivory Porcelain with Gold trim and royal blue and dark red beads. Marked on the bottom. Measures 5-1/4" tall x 4" wide.  No breaks.

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Lefton 1993 "Kitty Snowflake" 00996 Watch Me Grow Cat Animal Figurine

This is a Lefton China cat figurine. Has a matte finish painted in pastel colors. The "snow" or "pebbles" are applied separately and are on her arms and legs. Is backstamped on the bottom "Kitty Snowflake, Watch Me Grow, 1993, #00996", Made in Taiwan.

No cracks or breaks. Measures 3-1/2" tall.

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World Wildlife Fund Priority Protection List

The following is an excerpt from WWF's website about their goal of saving and supporting wildlife protection:

From Elephants to polar bears, we fight to secure a future for animals on the planet we all share. We helped bring back the Amur tiger and Africa’s black rhinos from the edge of extinction. We are giving isolated, dwindling populations of black footed ferrets and river dolphins a second chance. We continue to:
Keep habitats and landscapes thrivingWork with partners at all levels, from community leaders to governments and multinational bodiesEnvision, create, test and deliver solutions that account for the reality of a crowded planet".Priority Species Bearded VultureBlack Spider Monkey Brown BearEurasian Lynx Humphead WrasseIberian Lynx Monarch ButterfliesPenguins SaolaSpectacled Bear Tuna

There are many ideas and programs on their website, , to either contribute, use their forums, questionnaires, videos, and recent animals in the news.  If…