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Dress up that old birdcage

You can use that vintage birdcage in grandma's basement for a hanging focal point.  I bought this birdcage at an auction for $10.  It's made of bamboo with a wire hook, and it was originally painted an orange-red color.
I knew it wouldn't go with my decor very well.  I bought some metallic gold acrylic spray paint, and that did the trick.  It gave it a nice sheen and reflective shimmer.  It still had the perch that goes from side to side that the bird sits on. 
I thought this would look even better with a "bird" inside. I didn't have a real bird, but I did have a broken hummingbird figurine ornament that I was going to throw away.  I attached it to the top of the cage with a fishing line and positioned it right over the perch. 

Well, this was looking rather good.  I needed a bird dish so I borrowed one from my neighbor.  It's a chinese delft design painted in blue and white.
My hubby added a chain to the hook and the other end to the ceiling and now I …