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Herend, A Grand Spectacle

Herend USA has a facinating history. It was founded in 1826 in Hungary as an earthenware producer. In 1851, Queen Victoria ordered a large set of Herend dinnerware and Herend was on it's way as being a known as a "royalty" company.

The folk figurine line was introduced in 1850. The signature black fishnet design was introduced in 1858 when an artist painted "fish scales" on a rooster to serve as feathers. Rust fishnet followed in 1870. When the popularity of Herend figurines rose in the 1950's, other colors were added to the line such as blue, green, raspberry, butterscotch, and chocolate.

Starting in 1957, Robert Grimm of Martin Herend Imports, Inc. was the sole importer of Herend products to the US. Today, Grimm's daughter and granddaughter are the proprietors to distribute Herend to over 400 authorized dealers in the U.S.

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